Chemosh is the god of death. His worshipers used to be old people, necromancers, and people who were afraid of death. During a rough patch after the War of Souls  he decided that in order to get new worshipers he needed to give death a pretty face. To this end he took Mina as a servant/lover and sent her to go through Ansalon and create creatures known as the Beloved of Chemosh, near-invincible, beautiful vampires that can only be killed by the swat of a innocent child. Once a child hits one the Beloved is destroyed and the child isn't comsidered innocent anymore.

Presently there are no more of the Beloved in Ansalon. Though Mina recruited them in the name of Chemoshm they were actually bound to her, as she was also a god, though she did not know it. The Beloved would only obey her commands, making them more her followers than Chemosh. When Mina realises that she is a Godess she destroys all of the Beloved, and Chemosh vows to return to his usual minions.