Habbakuk is considered a good god of nature, loyalty. He is also known as The Fisher King, Skylord, and the Blue Phoenix, represents the Divine power of persistence. He believes in the perseverance of the soul and its opposition to adversity for the greater goal. Habbakuk's interests are generally directed at animals of all kinds. He also represents loyalty and obedience to the whole. He promotes persistence of truths that promote good. He has a strong presence in the world through patronage of good druids and rangers. Sailors and explorers also honor him, as evident with Habbakuk's connection to nature. In times of war and crisis he directs his efforts towards the renewal of life. His closest ally is Branchala. Habbakuk's parents are Mishakal and Paladine, and he is the twin brother of Kiri-Jolith. He is closest to Chislev and Sirrion among the Gods of Neutrality for their roles in nature. He opposes Chemosh and Zeboim for their interference in the cycle of life. His celestial symbol is the constellation Phoenix.[1]

Patron hoodEdit

He is the patron of rangers, hunters, the Knights of the Crown, though currently he has taken a step back allowing Kiri-Jolith to be the sole patron of the entire knighthood, as Habbakuk believes this would be a benfit. He is still reverd by the Knights of the Crown.


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